Ron Buffington @ MAINx24 EZ Lemon preview

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

On Saturday, December 3, Ron Buffington will be here at the loft to discuss contemporary art and show a few examples of his work.  I’m also extremely excited to announce that Ron will be hanging a small collection of his latest work in our loft at an upcoming Easy Lemon residency (sometime in the next few months… check back for exact dates).  Stop by from 6-8pm during MAINx24 to meet Ron, have a glass of wine, and check out our space!  +


2 comments on “Ron Buffington @ MAINx24 EZ Lemon preview

  1. curious george says:

    is this lemon some kind of whore? why is the lemom easy? looking forward to your reply

    • tim hinck says:

      thank you for your question, Curious George. i will try to answer conclusively and succinctly! easy lemon is a citta calde. a great groveling, sniffing, scratching adoration of levity and density! whirling dervishes of dissonance bump heads with prophets of glee as they battement glissé into a glistening, yellow, moonrise.

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