Ron Buffington, tonight at Easy Lemon!

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Tonight at 8pm, Ron Buffington opens his 4-day Easy Lemon residency.  His scans will be hung on our walls and he will be on hand to do nightly presentations about his work along with demonstrations of his process.

Ron Buffington is a UC Foundation Professor of Art at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Buffington has been recognized for outstanding teaching through a University of Tennessee National Alumni Association Outstanding Teacher Award (2002) and a UTC College of Arts and Sciences Excellence in Teaching Award (1996).

Buffington has shown his paintings and prints internationally, including exhibitions in New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Lahti, Finland. Buffington’s work is included in numerous collections, including the BASF Corporation, the Museum of American Art (of the Smithsonian Institute), and Richard Polsky, author of I Bought Andy Warhol. Buffington’s work was published in New American Paintings in July 2000, where it was singled out by the editor Steven Zevitas, who said: “Ron Buffington’s abstractions operate somewhere between [the narrative and the non-representational]; while their formal structure ostensibly links them to the tradition of modernist abstract painting, they are ultimately grounded in the artist’s desire to make abstraction more accessible. That is to say, they are more about an imminent, rather than transcendent, experience. One might think of Buffington as a narrative painter in that his work presents the ‘story’ of its own creation.”


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