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Mark Bradley-Shoup in Residency

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

Mark Bradley-Shoup is well-known regionally as on of the finest painters around.  His paintings of industrial structures utilize an unexpectedly warm and vibrant color palette, and in the end they come off feeling surprisingly light and ephemeral.  At Easy Lemon, however, I am more interested in hosting residencies in which artists and musicians explore processes, material, or disciplines that are completely new to them; or in this case disciplines which they abandoned many years ago.  Although Mark continues to play and record music, his focus has almost exclusively been on visual art over the past decade, particularly now with his increasing teaching schedule as one of the main painting teachers at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga.  Mark’s presentations will take on an evolving form that will include visual elements, sound performance, and of course some talks about his work and process.  We are so excited to host Mark’s three-day residency here at Easy Lemon, November 15-17.



Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Hello folks!  It’s been a crazy semester here at Easy Lemon.   Southside Stroll has finished an incredible season and Gallery Hop kept us on our toes!  Thanks to Harrison Holmes for GREAT tunes at the Southside Stroll afterparty!  My new quartet KALOSIS is just about to be premiered in Nashville at the SoundCrawl festival, so that’s kept me very busy.

With all the craziness, our two-night Easy Lemon featurette, Freshly Squeezed, will need to be pushed back a few weeks.  Please note: NO EASY LEMON PRESENTATION October 3 and 4!!!

I’m talking to Mike and the others currently and should have a firm date for you soon!  We are still looking forward to Mark Bradley-Shoup’s residency in November.  It will be truly unforgettable!