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Easy Lemon residency with Aaron Cowan

Sunday, March 31st, 2013


Aaron Cowan: Performance Art at Easy Lemon

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013
"NightmareSuit" by Aaron Cowan

“NightmareSuit” by Aaron Cowan

For over a year now – since I first saw the jaw-dropping, video’d performance of Aaron Cowan slowly and meticulously destroying a chest of drawers with a sledge-hammer – I have been eager to have him in residency at Easy Lemon.  The timing has finally worked out, and on April 4-8, 2013, Aaron will surprise and provoke thought through his performative installation in our studio/loft.

As usual, performances are short, nightly presentations (around 30 min. each) followed by open discussion with the artist.  Each evening begins at 8:00 pm, so bring your favorite drink (for yourself) and a donation (for Aaron) and come as many times as you wish.  Each night will be unique!

From Aaron:

“I am interested in the mind, the psyche, health, medicine, fun, play, humor—these things are represented in my art.  My approach to performance is not one of acting, nor pretending; it is about an action or endeavor, an attempt to be in the direct present. There may be objectives, or images, gestures, repetitions and ideas that constitute nodes or anchors, but this is the only linear aspect that is concerned with “progression” throughout the process of doing or being. I am not someone else. I am not a character. It is the closest to presenting a raw, uncut, ‘true,’ stream-of-consciousness of being. I breathe. The viewer will make meaning and content, and take from the performance whatever they need, whatever they see that is in themselves in the performance.  Often there is struggle, against myself, against culture, society, the universe—my body. And that includes failure, that includes mistakes, and those induce problem-solving, and creative solutions, to make something work, accomplish the impossible. It is difficult. It is exhausting.”