¿what is easy lemon?

screening independently-crafted films; premiering musical compositions; and hanging conceptually advanced, 2- and 3-D art in a composer’s downtown loft:

1440 Adams St
chattanooga, tn

*bring $5 and your favorite drink*
performances range from 15-35 minutes
and begin at 8pm each night

…sometimes a work of art is created that is so unique, ephemeral, and fleeting that it required the intimacy of a few friends in close quarters to be fully appreciated.  These “happenings” will spring up suddenly, so stay tuned!

A frequent dose of art/music is a necessity for members of every thriving community (just as the services of the community baker, dentist, coffee roaster, and pub owner!)  Our idea for these “loft shows” is to provide short 15 to 30 minute doses of artistic stimulation for every member of the community in an extremely convenient way.  Stop by our public entrance (just off Main St.), drop $5 into the bucket and experience a short but intense cultural experience on your way home.  If you’d like, stay and participate in a long wine-enhanced dialogue about the finer points of art and music.
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